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Regatta Holocombe IEP Mid WP Walking Boots Go on long days out safe in the knowledge of protection from the elements. With waterproofing and supreme grip and protection, the Regatta Holocombe IEP Mid WP Walking Boots are the perfect boot for all-day comfort. Isotex Waterproof Upper When exposed to the elements, the boot is prepared to perform, keeping you comfortable. Using Regatta's developed Isotex membrane, this seam-sealed layer stops moisture from entering the boot. With Hydropel water-resistant technology, not only does the boot block liquids entry, but it also wicks it away from it, ensuring that it remains lightweight with no heavy standing water sitting on top of it. The material is also breathable, allowing vapour from sweat to be removed from the boot, with cooler air coming in to replace it. A wider fit on the toes than previous editions means that there is an improved fit with precise heel hold and generous toe room. Thicker material covers both the toes and the heel, protecting these vulnerable areas from bumps, as well as keeping them in an upright position. All the way up laces with double eyelets mean that you will always be able to find a comfortable, secure and good fit. The tongue and ankle collar are padded, increasing comfort and reducing the risk of chafing. Carrying dirty boots is easy and clean, with two heel loops. EVA Midsole Dual-density EVA is found in the midsole, offering multiple benefits to users. Towards the bottom, the EVA is firm, which absorbs shocks efficiently, preventing sharp pains from reaching the sole of the foot. As well as absorbing shocks, the top half of the EVA is soft and cushions, increasing comfort. Covering high-impact areas, there is an internal pocket which ensures that these parts of the foot have long-lasting protection. In direct contact with the sole of the foot, there is an EVA footbed. This allows the foot to sit gently in position in comfort, with the footbed eventually moulding to the shape of an individual foot for a tailored fit. Durable Rubber Outsole When walking on volatile and uncertain surfaces, grip and traction is required to increase confidence and control. The outsole on the boot provides this by having durable rubber which can form a solid connection with wet and dry surfaces, with the extremely grippy rubber. The rubber is able to withstand abuse from abrasions, meaning that it will perform to a high ability over a long course of time. There are also deep lugs, which are able to dig into the wet ground, anchoring the foot in place, which will reduce the risk of slipping and causing an injury. As well as this, the lugs are able to aid propulsion, control and they can self-clean, making them high-performing all of the time. The soles of the boots are protected by abrasion-resistant toe and heel bumpers, meaning that knocks from heavy rocks won't affect the boot or the foot.